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Back to the Buffalo Commons

After years of outmigration, people are moving back to the Great Plains, the vast dry expanse of prairie once discounted as the Great American Desert.  Today our desert is giving Middle East deserts a run for their oil money with … Continue reading

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Accessible, High-Amenity Rural Areas Attracting New Population

Reblogged from USDA ERS: Population trends in U.S. nonmetro counties vary by age group and natural amenity/accessibility levels For many decades, most U.S. nonmetro counties experienced significant population loss among young adults, especially in the years immediately following high school … Continue reading

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Downtown the Metro Place To Be

US Census Bureau reports:  Populations Increasing in Many Downtowns A U.S. Census Bureau report released today shows that in many of the largest cities of the most-populous metro areas, downtown is becoming a place not only to work but also … Continue reading

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Brain Gain in Greater Minnesota: A Continuing Rural Success Story

Migration from rural to urban is the story of America’s progress.  In our just over 200-year history, we’ve moved from a nation of Jeffersonian farmers to a majority of urbanites.  Bigger is better, of course. But not always is bigger … Continue reading

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