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Know Thyself and Your Community

“Know Thyself” urges the inscription on the Temple of Apollo at Delphi, repeated throughout the Platonic dialogues of ancient Greece.  In 1651, Thomas Hobbes opens Leviathan by urging his readers nosce te ipsum—only by study can we understand our world. In building community, no … Continue reading

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Chaotic and Messy > Orderly and Dumb

H/T to StrongTowns Blog for a News Digest item on a Bloomberg op-ed/ investigative/ advocacy journalism piece on my college state of Illinois.  Chuck’s commentary hits a couple hot buttons (e.g. “economic development” vs “industrial recruitment”) and, well, how much … Continue reading

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Drilling Down on Oil Rigs in the Mountain Time Zone

Oil drilling rig counts are at an all-time high… or dropping off, depending which report you read which week for which area.  Overall, industry source Baker Hughes reports relatively stable activity, declining slightly to levels just below last year nationally. … Continue reading

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