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Placemaking Pays Off in the Place and in the Making

Cheyenne’s Celtic Musical Arts Festival took over Depot Plaza downtown this weekend.  The usual Fridays on the Plaza offered up high-octane Celtic grunge leading up to a romping good time with Celtic Americana of The Elders, a favorite from my KRFC days. … Continue reading

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Twenty-five Trends for Architecture & Design

Oh, Twitter, how did we distract ourselves before you fueled our ADD-addicted, mass media-addled psyches? The Urban Land Institute tweeted about this article, New Opportunities But Little Recovery, but their short url went 404. So clickety googledy, and I happened upon … Continue reading

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Rochester Bio-tech Park in the Headlines

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune has some “investigative reporting” in the Sunday paper today, looking at G. Steven Burrill’s proposed Elk Run bio-science development on the road between Rochester and the Twin Cities, in Southeast Minnesota. As you may recall, Mr. Burrill gave a Big Picture … Continue reading

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